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People Analytics

Every organisation needs to manage and positively influence the performance, recruitment, retention and training of employees. The importance of gathering data about the concerns, motivations, and engagement triggers for employees is now fully accepted.

Our research team brings decades of experience and a deep understanding of the subject which goes beyond designing the right questions. We ensure that managers and HR professionals have the insights they need to excel in their roles and give their department and their organisation the competitive edge to attract and retain talent.

We bring our experience in employee surveying together with web-based technology in a way which delivers exactly what you need, when you need it.

Research can be customised around specific commercial objectives and surveys, and reporting approaches can be built for any company structure.  We have tried and tested approaches that deliver a better understanding of how your people connect with and remain fulfilled through their whole career, whilst driving your business’s success.

Different types of employee research can be integrated into frameworks for continuous listening. This helps you to create a high-performance culture.

Our online system for surveying, collating, and presenting continuous data is secure, scalable, and very easy to use. It is a flexible ‘hub’ central to all your research activities.

Our capabilities with this powerful system include the following:

Engaged employees are committed to their work, and actively and positively contribute to your organisation’s performance. An employee engagement survey is a measure of staff behaviours, perceptions, and satisfaction with their work, in order to assess and often benchmark employees’ levels of engagement.

Recruitment is a critical first step which you want to get right, every time. Surveying this stage gives you a first look at the factors which will aid the employee’s engagement with your organisation and ultimately, contribute to their retention.

Engaged employees are more committed and motivated to perform at their best. By seeking and acting on feedback, you demonstrate that you value their opinions and are willing to make improvements based on their input.

Continuous listening, throughout your employee’s time with you allows us to help you build a picture of where your organisations strengths and weaknesses lay in the career journey… when are you switching employees off? And when are you engaging them and connecting them with your vision?

For some helpful tips see:

How to create a culture of continuous feedback

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When you view data from multiple and key points in the employee’s career, we can help you gain the insights to transform retention and build a team that can really deliver.

Exit surveying or interviewing is an important activity to get right in any organisation. Career Insight is the perfect way to gather opinion and feedback from people who are moving on. We are very experienced in this field and can offer clear help in designing a set of questions, with branching follow up clarifiers, which really get to the truth of why people choose to leave and what factors you can control, to lower turnover.

A person’s pulse is a simple and first indicator of their general level of health. This is also the case in an organisation. Pulse surveys can be timed to invite participation after a set number of weeks or months into an employee’s career or at other key stages as defined by your needs. Sometimes clients need to run a quick survey to check understanding of a change in operating procedure, or to check how employees are feeling after restructuring or other change event.

360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes a minimum of an employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Any number of people fill out an anonymous online feedback form that asks questions covering a broad range of workplace competencies.

It takes time and costs money to train people to do their jobs well and deliver your product or service. Critical training is carried out during induction but also on an ongoing basis thereafter.

We can measure training needs and also training effectiveness.

Find out more about how our employee surveys work.

We know from experience that every organisation is different.  We’d welcome the opportunity to explore the challenges you’re facing in your particular situation, so contact us to arrange a virtual coffee.

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