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Business+HR Leadership Development

Organisations that invest in their talented leaders through HR leadership development are more likely to retain them.

HR leadership development delivers stronger capabilities and therefore results. Organisations that invest in their talented leaders are more likely to retain them. 

Leaders in all functions are responsible for performance, and their partnership with HR is pivotal in getting the best from their people. We work with you to develop leaders who create the conditions for people to thrive as well as perform, therefore getting the best from their teams.

Leading in HR presents its own challenges, and our specialist programs respond to these. Our HR leadership development program recognises that leading within a HR function in today’s organisations involves complexity and difficult dilemmas.

Our HR leadership development programs bring leaders together to expose and explore what gets in the way, and develop capabilities and confidence to tackle that, as well as sharing good practice. The virtual blended learning programs provide practical and relevant leadership development, which follows a learning journey that works with real-life challenges and relates learning to practical outcomes.

Our expert coaches and facilitators build perspective and help leaders to build a strong sense of self. This enables them to raise their game – to build stronger alignment, competence, and confidence to tackle business challenges and stakeholder relationships.

Our blended learning programs are tailored to your organisation’s needs, or run as open events, including:

Our Leading Performance Together program recognizes that the accountability for performance is shared between HR and business leaders/managers. It tackles unclear expectations and accountabilities, and addresses the tensions that can exist between HR and business leaders/managers in order to create a powerful leadership partnership. 

A powerful leadership partnership between HR and business leaders results in improved engagement, performance, productivity and therefore profit

We do this by bringing HR and business leaders together to explore and agree how together they can create the conditions for their people to perform at their best.  Our Seven Enablers provide a structure for self-evaluation and 360 feedback as well as for learning about effective partnering.  As a result of building clarity and alignment, HR can spend their time on more value-adding activities which benefit the organisation.

Depending on the rationale for transformation, and on the size of the organisation and HR function, this can be facilitated developmental discussions or a tailored development program.  We help clients to think through the context, implications, factors involved in success and also the risks, and to engage with stakeholders to make sure the project succeeds.

We created our Business+HR Strategic Roadmap to involve key stakeholders in building alignment so that HR’s activities can become business-led, credible, valued and respected. The outcome is a powerful people agenda that is fully embraced by business leaders and actively supported, and therefore drives profitability as well as culture.

This program has been designed to address a critical challenge for HR: how to ensure HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress.

Our modular blended learning program – ‘How to lead an Agile HR team‘ – involves cultural change within HR as well as tools and processes, and opens up huge opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration. Participants explore the purpose and potential of Agile and the benefits to HR and the wider organisation. We help them to anticipate, manage and optimise the wider implications – the culture and leadership of the HR team. We also get practical and enable them to use the structure and tools of Agile and successfully lead Agile projects.

We tackle 3 core elements to build an Agile mindset, toolkit and environment:

  • To understand the purpose and potential of Agile and the benefits to HR and the wider organisation
  • To anticipate, manage and optimise the wider implications – the culture and leadership of the HR team
  • To understand and be able to use the structure and tools of Agile and successfully lead Agile projects.


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CEOs want HR to be orchestrators of the business strategy and therefore expect HR to be contextually grounded.  Business projects are built into the flow of learning, so that participants start with business priorities and learn how to align the people agenda, to pitch for talent investments and use numbers to prove the ROI of HR activities.

This program enables HR leaders to build stature and influence so that they engage successfully at the strategic level and speak in the language of the business.  Becoming a trusted partner and sounding board also depends upon deepening relationships with key stakeholders, and this is a vital parallel thread.

Watch our recent webinar ‘What is strategic business partnering – how do we ensure it delivers value’

In order to align HR’s activities to business priorities, HR has to turn its traditional approach upside down. Its success depends upon having business-driven conversations with senior stakeholders, and being able to prove how HR’s work responds to, and helps to achieve, business priorities.

We help participants to deepen their business acumen, build more productive strategic relationships with senior stakeholders, and align and market HR’s strategic priorities in a way that wins support from business leaders.

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Our highly experienced coaches help clients to bring out the best in themselves and to elicit their best thinking power. Our approach is client-driven and flexible.

Our expert coaches:

  • Enable the coachee to build clarity about what they want to achieve and how to approach that
  • Bring out the coachee’s own talents, resources and intellect by asking great questions, listening and building on possibilities. 
  • Skilfully balance challenge and support.


Our HR Profiling System provides structured self-evaluation and also 360 feedback and we offer other psychometric tools. Our expert HR coaches are also uniquely qualified to switch into mentoring and offer additional expertise and experience from their own HR leadership roles. 

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The Seven Enablers for HR leadership development

The Seven Enablers were identified in Enable-HR’s research into what drives excellence in HR and business partnering.

We researched what businesses want from HR and business partnering, and distilled this into the activities and behaviours that drive successful relationships and results. Enable-HR provides a framework to understand and evaluate how HR operates, and then to align, develop and inspire HR people.

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