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The Seven HR Enablers

We have worked as, and with, Human Resources professionals for over 20 years. In that time, we have seen how HR has changed in shape, in how it’s delivered, and in the challenges it faces. The demands placed on HR have only increased. So we scoured the research, debated and then distilled it, and  related it to today’s business challenges.  We structured it into a development framework that’s practical and relevant.

The Seven Enablers of HR relate to HR as a function, to HR teams and to individual HR professionals, and to business partnering in all functions.  They give you a route to achieving excellence in HR and business partnering.  We focus on the behaviours and activities that are under the control of HR and business partners – the things they say and do (or don’t) that enable them to get great results.

Reputation is particularly vital right now, as we emerge from the pandemic.

Take a look at our Report – Enable-HR Report on HRs Reputation March 2021

More than a Human Resources Competency Framework

We look at activities as well as behaviours, and help you to challenge how you see the priorities of HR and other central teams – as a function and as individual leaders and professionals.  Our Profiling System enables you to evaluate how you are doing in key areas, using a frequency scale to help you analyse where you spend your time. This reveals insight into how and where you can shift your emphasis, as well as how you can build more confidence in those areas.  We help you to invest your time where it will have maximum impact on your results and on business success.

The interaction between central functions and the business is critical

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