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Business+HR Team Development

We know that HR people want to build powerful relationships and deliver business value, and our unique team development framework shows how this can be achieved.  Our programs can be tailored to an organisation’s specific needs and context, and with business themes as key threads.

Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, team events or group workshops, we enable HR people to win the involvement, respect and confidence that are key to success.  Our expert HR coaches and facilitators understand the complexity and pressures at all levels, and how to build a great career in HR.

Every member of the HR team plays a key role in the success, and reputation, of the function.  Building HR’s credibility and influence is vital to enable the team to deliver results to all stakeholders.

Developing HR’s influence, confidence and ability to deliver business results is critical to the success of the function.  We list below just some of the development programs that we offer to build strength in HR and their value to the business.

Bring your HR team together to get them onto the same page – clear about what the organisation needs from them and what they need to do to deliver that.  Self and 360 evaluation using our Profiling System helps them to map their capabilities and team development needs. 

In our impactful and inspiring team development workshops, we use a Team Report to compare and contrast the team members’ perceptions of their priorities and capabilities – and work out together where to focus their development, and invest their efforts.

We researched what drives great HR and worked out how to evaluate and develop it.  Our Seven HR Enablers (endorsed by Dave Ulrich) illuminate the activities and behaviours that deliver results for HR.  Our secure, online HR Profiling System provides interactive resources during self-evaluation so that it’s a development activity in itself and also leads to a more targeted development plan.

Self, 360, Team, Team 360, and Function 360 Profiles are available, and an Organisational HR Profile can clarify what is required for HR. This helps us to facilitate a challenging debate with all stakeholders. 

Agile HR ensures that HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress.  Our programs set out the potential of Agile HR, the reality of making it work, and a clear path forward.

Agile is a mindset as well as a toolkit, and it’s vital to create the environment within which it can succeed. We explore how to build the business case and get key stakeholders on board as well as the wider implications – what Agile means for the culture and leadership of the HR team.  We share the structure and tools of Agile, and how to take it forward.  Our Agile HR experts can continue to support you in the workplace.

Balancing the business and people agendas is a difficult intellectual challenge.  In order to do that, HR people need to understand their organisation’s business context, priorities and the key numbers.  Only then can they be seen to address the problems that are most relevant to the business.

HR people deepen relationships while learning from stakeholders, and can then make a greater contribution to business decisions, earlier and at a more senior level.  We help participants to become more business savvy and credible in the business so that they can identify and pitch more effectively for the HR priorities that can be critical success factors for their business.

Achieving results in HR can only be done through working effectively with stakeholders.  It’s often necessary to move relationships forward – from a reactive, problem-solving focus to a more proactive, future-orientated focus that anticipates issues and opportunities and enables more robust discussions that tackle and resolve longstanding, complex or sensitive issues.

We help participants to achieve better outcomes through building openness and transparency, trust and alignment.

This program recognises that HR can be a tough job, and helps participants to build practical skills and tools to strengthen their capabilities and also their confidence and resilience. 

By ‘reaching in’ to build inner strength, and ‘reaching out’ to develop strong stakeholder support, we help participants to build a strong foundation to achieve their goals and deliver more.

We know from experience that every organisation is different.  We’d welcome the opportunity to explore the challenges you’re facing in your particular situation, so contact us to arrange a virtual coffee.

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The Seven Enablers​

The Seven Enablers were identified in Enable-HR’s research into what drives excellence in HR and business partnering.

We researched what businesses want from HR and business partnering, and distilled this into the activities and behaviours that drive successful relationships and results. Enable-HR provides a framework to understand and evaluate how HR operates, and then to align, develop and inspire HR people.

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