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Recording: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

‘Strategically effective HRBPs can improve employee performance in their business units by 19% to 25%. Increases in profitability average 9%.’ Gartner 2023

This applies to HRBPs who operate ‘strategically’, and this is the core conundrum of business partnering. What does ‘strategic business partnering’ look like? And how do you achieve this kind of impact?

The answer is a powerful mix of business acumen and relationship skills. But it will only work when fully supported across the organisation. Strategic change demands strategic commitment.

In this bite-size 20+20 webinar (20 minutes input from Deborah, followed by 20 minutes discussion for those who could stay) we shared the latest thinking and some of our client experiences:

  • How to get the ‘business’ in the business partnering
  • How to get business leaders on board
  • How to raise the impact of partnering conversation by conversation

Many in HR want business partnering to deliver more value. Their frustration can be caused by lack of support from business leaders, lack of clarity about what great business partnering looks like, or the capabilities of the HRBPs.

We will clarify how to shift these obstacles.

In this bite-size webinar we gave highlights on three top themes:

  • How to make the business case for business leaders to actively support business partnering from their ‘side’
  • How to get more business acumen and focus into business partner capabilities
  • How to move the conversations from serving to partnering – and to strategic partnering.

This workshop is facilitated by Deborah Wilkes, co-founder of Enable-HR International. Find out more about Deborah. 

Recording from 18th July 2023 Webinar

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