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Trina Sunday

Consultant and Facilitator
Australia (Perth)
Trina Sunday Bio Image

Trina has 25+ years’ experience in Human Resources, organisational development, marketing, events management and business consulting. She has worked in the UK, SE Asia and Australia and uses her unique experiences and networks to generate and explore and create new HR thinking

She adores working with HR teams and business leaders who want to do things differently. Trina has a passion and determination for building confident, capable and business savvy HR teams who are valued, influential and impactful in their organisations. She runs public and in-house programs for HR leaders and teams to enable them to achieve breakthrough in their work and career. She’s a consultative coach who blends specialist HR technical knowledge with development coaching so she can meet her HR game changers where they’re at, and work collaboratively with them as they drive sustainable personal and professional change.

Trina has global perspectives and partnerships; a love of Cambodia, coffee and champagne; and is all about helping people to experience happiness and high performance at work. We partner with Trina and her company Reimagine HR which is based in Western Australia.