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Good corporate people practices relate to better business outcomes


‘Companies have considerable control over their performance.’ Well, yes, looks like stating the obvious. But, refreshingly, this report is about talent:

‘Competitors in the same industries with similar workforces and business models can have very different results based on how they manage talent.’

The report from American Opportunity Index gives us powerful data to prove the business value of effective talent management. It shows clearly how good corporate people practices relate to better business outcomes.

‘Driving better outcomes for workers helps companies, too.’ Wonderful.

There’s lots of valuable data in there from a wide range of large US organisations, e.g. ‘Promotion is a powerful lever for boosting employee retention’ and they also prove a stronger correlation between retention and promotion than salary.

The report also illuminates differences between employee groups and roles, which ‘suggests that it is important to track worker outcomes for each distinct talent pool to identify blind spots and highlight opportunities to improve performance.’

These days, data is vital, especially in order for HR to play its full strategic role. Now more than ever we help our clients to build the business case for specific interventions, or indeed for HR to be involved more strategically.

This is why we added employee research into our portfolio alongside our other services – strategic alignment, business partnering, and development for HR leaders and teams.

HR is complex, and it’s important to scope out the landscape for your own unique organisation – its business model, market, drivers of success – so that you can build your own business case for the contribution you want to make.

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