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Why don’t CEOs create the conditions for CHROs to play their full role?

I hear about this scenario far too often. A CEO says all the right things at interview so you take the job. Then they fail to listen to you, back you up or advocate for good leadership.

What many CEOs want is simply for the CHRO to fix problems for them. They don’t want inconvenient advice or uncomfortable truth.

Thankfully, there are several recent research reports that suggest a positive shift in awareness. However, intellectual acceptance doesn’t always translate into a change in behaviour, as you’ll see.

Thank you to Accenture for their report ‘The CHRO as a Growth Executive’ for this insight that proves you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink:

‘The importance of CHRO impact is gaining attention from top leaders: in fact, 89% of the 570 CEOs we recently surveyed say that the CHRO should have a central role in ensuring long-term profitable growth.’

There’s a big BUT, however …

‘But only 45% of those CEOs, by their own admission, are creating the conditions that allow CHROs to lead business growth.’

‘And when we combined those findings with results from our survey of 570 CHROs, we found that just 29% of CHROs are playing that role, having both the profile and the conditions they need to act as High-Res CHROs.’

I know from coaching HR leaders that this is a common struggle, but one that can be won.

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