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Develop your HR talent

We continually develop in-house blended development programs, open workshops, roundtables and webinars to enable HR people at all levels to succeed in the changing world of HR. Whether you want development for your HR leaders, HRBPs, specialists, or to develop your HR team together, we will design and deliver what you need.


How to increase your impact in HR Business Partnering

Date: Tuesday 30th April 2024
During this 2-hour virtual workshop we take a fresh look at how you can make a greater impact on business and people priorities, and build rewarding partnerships with your key stakeholders and business leaders.
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Roundtable discussion for Senior HR Leaders

Date: Tuesday 21st May 2024
A chance to meet senior peers and explore the challenges and opportunities of delivering value to your organisation.

How to be a business ally

Date: Tuesday 28th May 2024
To be recognised as strong allies in delivering business success, HR leaders have to get close to business leaders.  In this 3-hour virtual workshop we’ll explore how to:
  • understand how your organisation works in order to create value
  • speak the language of the business
  • tackle the issues that worry business leaders.
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Targeted coaching special offer

We’ve researched what drives great HR and worked out how to evaluate it, and are offering a targeted one-to-one coaching package. Come away with practical ideas, tools, and inspiration that you can apply immediately, as well as real clarity about what you’d like to develop further. All for a special offer price of £99.

Strategic influencing skills for HR leaders

In this 3-hour virtual workshop we will tackle this in three ways:
  • Envision how you want to be seen as a leader;
  • Strengthen your business acumen and how you get this across;
  • Develop powerful skills and behaviours so that you can be influential and business-credible in key situations.
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How to make Agile HR work for you

Agile HR ensures that HR is able to support the business quickly, responsively and with people at the centre of all progress. This 3-hour virtual workshop sets out the potential of Agile HR, the reality of making it work, and a clear path forward.
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Recording: How to influence senior leaders

Date: Recording from 11th April 2024 webinar
Win support for HR’s priorities by understanding the needs of senior stakeholders and creating alignment.  Take a structured approach, and build skills, strength and confidence.

Recording: Build your strength as a HR Business Partner

Date: Recording from 12th October 2023 webinar
In HR it’s important to have robust conversations that can lead to solving the tough problems or co-creating more value. During this webinar we looked at how we can help Business Partners in HR to:
  • ‘Reach in’ to build your inner strength and resilience;
  • ‘Reach out’ with confidence to build stronger and more productive relationships with key stakeholders.

Recording: What is strategic business partnering – and how do we ensure it delivers value?

Date: Recording from 18th July 2023 Webinar
During this webinar we shared the latest thinking and real-life experience of how Business Partners (not just in HR) can:
  • Get ‘business’ into business partnering
  • Make the case to senior leaders and win their commitment
  • Change the partnering conversations and change the impact.

In-house Blended Development Programs

HR Strategic Business Partnering Team Event

How do we partner more strategically with stakeholders and deliver even more value for our organisation? Bring your HR team together (virtually or face-to-face) to share, debate and develop skills to:
  • Get the ‘business’ into business partnering
  • Build a strategy for raising the level at which you partner
  • Raise the impact of partnering conversation by conversation
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Align and inspire your HR Team

This 3-hour virtual team event helps HR leaders to re-energise and re-focus their busy teams. Use this team session to: 
  • Learn latest HR context and thought leadership 
  • Reinforce your organisation’s priorities 
  • Explore how HR needs to respond to these 
  • Share perceptions of challenges 
  • Build clarity and commitment to actions. 
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Team workshop for all your Business Partners

3-hour in-house virtual workshop, tailored to your team. Bring your HR, Finance and IT business partners together to explore what Business Partnering can deliver for your organisations and for them. Help your support services deliver more value and drive a culture of collaboration.
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HR Business Partnering Development Program

This tailored blended group learning program will help your HR function build strong business acumen and trusting partnerships with stakeholders in order to build growth for all and deliver results in this new world of work.
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Strategic influencing for HR leaders modular program

This tailored blended learning program will address a critical challenge for HR: How to ensure that the HR function is seen to add real business value.
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How to lead an Agile HR team modular program

During this tailored blended learning programme we tackle three core elements to build an Agile mindset, toolkit and environment.
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