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Who looks after HR?

There are some very busy HR people right now. Who looks after HR while they’re looking after everyone else? I’m delighted to be working on an HR Academy with a client who considers the building of an HR community as important as the skills elements. Coaching circles and support networks are a key element of the blended programme we’re putting together.

My client’s role is HR for HR globally, and the core focus is partnering skills – enabling HR to be credible, influential and business savvy. At times like this, we all realise the importance of the human element too, and the need to support each other comes to the front of our minds.

I wonder – is this going to trigger a real shift in our psychological relationship with work? It could be that this human crisis is going to help us all to rebalance. Less dashing around and more thinking, hopefully about others.

Stay safe, keep well, be kind.

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