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What have we learned about trust?

Do we need to redefine what trust means in organisations?
As individual people we know exactly what we mean by trust. We know when it’s in place, and we know when it’s broken.

Perceptions of trust and respect are being tested every day as business leaders try to satisfy their hunger for some kind of normality.

We’ve heard about some senior executives insisting that people return to offices by x date. As if nothing has happened. As if people haven’t proved that they don’t need to be in your line of sight to be trusted.

We’ve also heard warnings of mass resignations ahead as talented people choose their employer by HOW they want to work.

How important is proximity in the future of work? Thousands of business and HR leaders around the world are trying to sort this out.

The answer might depend on how we define, or re-define, trust.

What it shouldn’t depend on is outdated attitudes, or the gravitational pull towards the past and a comfort zone that’s only comfortable for those who insist on their own style of control.

The level of trust and respect that organisations have for their talent will ‘leak’ into every communication about future options for ways of working – or lack of options.

We’re seeing real evidence that business and HR leaders must take a fresh look at this fundamental and strategic question of trust and respect. It’s at the heart of every organisation’s culture.

Another reason for HR to be right there, facilitating and supporting business leaders in robust discussions about the relationship between culture and performance – and leadership.

If you’re struggling to get HR at that table, contact me for a confidential chat.

What does trust mean to you, at work?

Let’s build that.

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