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Working virtually – tough testing ground for leaders and managers

I learned from my HR network today about some reality that’s emerging – and it’s reassuring because we already know it. It feels like a firm place to stand amidst all the uncertainty.

The truth is, working virtually is a massive testing ground for leaders and managers. Those who’d already built a strong foundation are shining. Many thanks to Malcolm Bond, master of Reward, for this clarity: ‘the core challenge is managing productivity, and always has been. Effective leaders and managers understand what their people are doing – and respond appropriately.’

Recent experience is showing that they have to be even more ‘on it’ right now – if not, things can go off the rails so much more quickly, and issues cascade.

Enabling leaders to drive productivity is at the heart of HR’s work, and the evidence is growing of just how critical their work is. It’s a mix of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ – ie. process and techniques, as well as behaviour and culture. Much clearer evidence is emerging of exactly what works and why, and it’s going to be a great time for HR to make its case even more powerfully.

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