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Will working patterns change forever?

How much value still exists in working 9 to 5(ish)? We could be in the midst of a perfect storm that challenges traditional working patterns forever.

I see three trends that are building towards a real change in how we work:

First, we’re learning so much about trust right now – that we really can trust people to work from home. I don’t think we’ll tolerate peak traffic the same way again, either.

Second, globalisation, which demands a 24/7 approach to cover differences in timezones, weekend variations and religious observances. I heard a great term today used by organisations who have to be ready to respond to customers at any time – they ‘follow the sun’.

Third, that younger generations spurn the traditional stark line between work and play, which is largely driven by their relationship with technology. Research shows that they expect to be able to dip into their personal lives during the day – eg. keep up with social media – but that they also don’t mind dipping into their work when at home. There’s more blending in their lives between ‘home’ and work.

I guess we’re all discovering that now – that work and home lives can blend. Things may never be the same again – and it could be good for businesses everywhere.

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