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Recently news that was all about a sector that one of my clients works within was splashed across the press and media in a high profile way. Yet when I spoke to them they knew nothing about it! It was pretty significant, it charts changes in the way their sector will work, impacts in working models that could herald a significant change and impact on them, indeed one they really need to start considering now.

When I brought it to their attention they were surprised and immediately wanted to know more. As a HR professional it felt good to be able to signpost them to information so critical to their future strategy and business. Now isn’t that adding value!

Reflecting on this I thought about all these current debates around analytics, data and information trawling. For me it is a bit more than just that. It isn’t only the dry data, it is what we do with it, what connections we make with it and what challenges it might throw up for the wider business and how we raise their awareness to that. It can all be so easy to focus on all the things we are doing now and forget to put our heads up and scan wider now and again.

That is what as a HR professional we can do when we are connected, have perspective and remain focused. Add value to the whole of the business in a way that is truly wider than just the people dimension.

Where will you gain perspective this week and take those connections and focus.

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