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Who looks after you?

‘It’s not going to get any easier’ is not something that anyone wants to hear and yet that’s exactly what HR professionals are facing every day – more pressure, less resources, more complexity. Knowing that things are going to get tougher can fill us with dread and could even push some people to take a less stressful role, or leave altogether and retrain as a florist. It has been known!

HR as a profession has always been a balancing act. For years, you’ve been asked to do more with less, to work to this model or that. There’s ever-changing employment law and the demands of distinct ‘generations’ of employees, who think of their careers in different terms and require subtly different support and styles of management.

When things get tougher and you’re being pulled in every direction but forward, it is all too easy to lose your focus. Even committed and proficient HR professionals can find it tough to operate at their full potential and to offer business focussed services which really deliver.

When your employees need an empathetic listener to their career woes you would hope, I’m sure, that they would come to you for help. But who looks after you? Where do you turn for help staying on track? Do you ever feel you need help – picking your focus, keeping your perspective and pushing both your business and your own career agenda forwards?


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