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Where are you on the bus?

I’m guessing everyone has days like those at the back of the bus; unexpected issues stealing your time. There will also be days when you’re feeling more in control. Getting up front and staying there takes hard work.

Research says HR’s workload is higher than ever, post pandemic.

How is it for you?

Moving up to the front of the bus demands productive and trusting relationships, built on credibility as business-savvy strategic partners.

We’ve used this analogy for years in our workshops. It helps HR people to clarify where they feel they are, and where they’d like to be.

Actually, it started out as a rocket, but moving forward on a bus feels more realistic than fighting gravity. Or does it?

There’s a gravitational pull towards being transactional. Climbing out of that takes determination, skill, and making clear decisions about what you will do, and what you won’t. You have to get stakeholders on board – to recognise the potential benefits and to support you in making the shift.

Doing this together as a team has far more impact; you get aligned behind a strong sense of purpose and work out when and how to change how you interact with stakeholders.

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