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What’s special about leading in HR?

This discussion kicks off our HR Leader development programme. It isn’t an ego trip. It’s a serious question, and the answer is different for each and every HR leader.

In fact, every leader needs to be clear about who they are. A clear sense of self enables us all to be authentic, credible and consistent. It gives us a centre of gravity so that we can be flexible but strong.

What do you want for yourself as a leader? At a time when so much is changing, some leaders will rise up.

The opportunity facing many HR leaders now is immense; possibly difficult to fathom just yet.

It may be too early for answers.

To change the outcome we need to change the question.

Whatever your function, the word ‘transformational’ has never been more relevant for leadership:

Transactional = moving from A to A+ : incrementally improved
Transformational = moving from A to B : changed.

The world has moved from A to B.

Questions are the most powerful tool when working with leaders. They prefer their thinking to be stimulated – to release their own resources and intellect.

We need big thinking right now. Here’s a big question:

If you knew you could not fail, what great thing would you dream of doing?

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