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What HR people can – and want to – work on

There’s a short window of opportunity for HR to build on recent achievements. How can HR grasp that and use it to add more value and win more influence and recognition? Where do you start?

Our recent survey on HR’s reputation revealed what HR people can – and want to – work on. You can see some of the learning revealed by our mix of quantitative data and freetext.

How would your HR team answer these questions?

Let’s find out – we also run this survey for discrete teams. It captures their sources of pride and concern and we can feed them back anonymously.

How could you use that as a catalyst to kick-start your thinking about your own HR transformation?

That’s what we achieve with our half-day Reputation Workshop.

Playing back the team’s own data and words to them provokes discussions that create momentum for change. For example, here are some debates triggered during a recent workshop:

•   What are your own beliefs about the value you, and HR add?
•   How can we build HR’s reputation together, as a team?
•   Achieving progress conversation by conversation
•   Reputation is built on what people hear us talk about
•   How can we talk about the business first, HR second?

You’ll see in the last slide on our recent survey how powerful it can be to compare results to different questions – and how that helps you raise the impact of the debate.

We can see that, intellectually, 58% of these HR people (from the larger survey) want the function to be seen as strategic business partners. However, we also ask them how they want to be seen, personally, and only 23% mention business-focused.

Here we gain insight into deeper motivations, and it’s important to bring those into the debate. One key theme in all our discussions about the survey has been how HR can be business credible AND values led.

Is that the kind of debate you’d like to kick off with your HR team? Get in touch, I’d love to find out about what you’d like to achieve.

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