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What conversation are you NOT having?

If we want to change the outcome, we have to change the conversation. As we emerge from a strange year, we know that nothing can, or should, remain unchanged.

What will you choose to change?

Choosing, consciously, is the first step. What outcome do you want, in this window of opportunity for change? What conversation will deliver that outcome for you? Who with?

It may be a series of conversations, so that you can lead them through your thinking – for example, about how much more value HR could add if more firmly embedded in the strategic leadership of the business. It may be that you would like to change the dynamics of a particular relationship; make it more equal, more collaborative. You may be avoiding the conversation knowingly, or falling into the passive option because you’re so busy. Don’t leave it on the ‘too difficult’ pile. You’ll be stuck with the same outcome. I can help you think it through. Contact me for a confidential discussion.

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