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We’re in the same storm but in different boats

Here we go again. A second lockdown. It feels different this time – to me, personally. I know much more what to expect, and that’s reassuring. How is it for you, or the people in your organisation? It might be tougher, more scary, more exhausting than last time, for all sorts of reasons.

We might be going through the same external situation, but our internal response to it is unique to each of us. I know HR people are doing a great job supporting people through this.

“We’re in the same storm but in different boats.”

Many thanks to David Ogilvie and Jon Watkins of The Resilience Development Company for the quote, and for a thought-provoking session with The Bath HR Network.

They referred to the 5 R’s of Transition by Kate Berardo, and one of them is Reflections. This is about how we review and interpret events, and our reactions to them – it’s when we can fall into self-doubt and lower self-esteem.

So, if we’re not careful, we do it to ourselves. David pointed out that it’s part of our survival instinct to be constantly looking out for threats. It’s something we can overcome with our intelligent brain.

How’s this for you? Let’s be kind to ourselves.

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