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We all have a bad day sometimes – it’s part of being human

A bad day can be a sign of something more serious. Thank goodness there is so much more openness about mental health these days. I was moved to hear highly accomplished people at the Above and Beyond conference share their struggles.

This kind of honest, generous and courageous sharing helps us all to feel better about how we feel.

The pandemic seems to have enabled more humanity to show itself.

HR people have been doing this for decades – supporting people during difficult times, whatever the cause.

It’s gone unsung. HR people have even been seen as ‘soft and fluffy’ for caring. I’ve heard leaders criticise HR for advocating for employees. I was criticised myself, for pushing for what was right and fair.

The mood is changing.

We need mentally healthy leadership and management. We are learning so much more about that right now.

Let’s hold on to that. How can we do that?

This was just one theme from a powerful and thought-provoking day.

Many thanks to all the speakers and panel members: Simon Zutshi, Vanessa Vallely OBE CCMI, Bob Hayward, Penny Power OBE, TeeJay Dowe, Sean Purcell, Lottie Hearn,Hira Ali, Dr Marcia Morgan, Justina Mutale, Garry Jones and David Key.

Also of course to Mindy Gibbins-Klein and her whole team, especially Tiffany Kemp.

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