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Unprecedented pressure on HR

Strange times. How is your HR team coping with this unprecedented pressure?

HR demands constant prioritisation anyway, between the ‘walk-in’ or operational issues and the more strategic programmes you want to deliver – and this health crisis takes that to yet another level.

Designing an HRBP programme for a global client brought this to the fore recently – the complexity of demands from stakeholders, and (apparently) opposing agendas, requires some tough wrangling.

Our research showed this to be a key area for HR people – so much so that we decided it was worth an HR Enabler of its own. We called it ‘Push’, and it involves pushing back as well as pushing forward so that HR can hold its position and do the right thing as well as doing it right.  You’ll find our framework of 7 HR Enablers below, with more information about Push.

We’ve always done a lot of our coaching by phone, and now seems the right time to remind you of that. Contact me if you’d like the chance to talk through your own HR challenges.
And good luck braving yet another storm.

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