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There’s a whole lot more to learn about winning in this new landscape of working from home. No surprises in this CIPD data – the main driver of productivity and engagement is the relationship between the manager and their team member.

We’ve always known that managers are the fulcrum of driving performance. But this is a whole new testing ground. I’ve heard from within my HR network that the line managers who are shining in these strange times aren’t necessarily those who were considered to be outstanding before.

Leaders who can build trust, with authenticity and empathy, are making that work through a screen, it seems, as successfully as they did face-to-face. Perhaps because they’d already established meaningful trust, they were able to build on that.

I’m sure HR and L&D teams are desperate to win the resources, the commitment and the time to support and develop managers right now. This is great data to inform their conversations with senior business leaders about how the soft stuff really does drive the hard stuff – productivity.

How is that influencing challenge going in your organisation? Are you able yet to focus on developing managers for this new era? Can you get senior leaders’ attention and a budget for this?

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