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The shift in employee needs and wants post pandemic

Gartner Drivers of Attrition (Turnover) in the new reality

This is such a valuable graph from Gartner. It clarifies the shift in employee needs and wants post-pandemic. The implications for HR are exciting as well as challenging.

‘Exciting’ because this is more data that proves that the movement required is in the human direction. HR have a strong platform for change. Attrition of valued talent is a major and avoidable cost.

‘Challenging’ because we’ve always known that, and been striving to make the case for years, often unsuccessfully.

The shift depicted in the graphic demands more personalisation and empathetic support, and this is only achieved (from the employee’s perspective) through authentic conversations with their line leader.

This demands investment in leadership and management behaviours as well as culture.

The reality for HR leaders is that graphs don’t alter mindsets. HR have to make a business case.

If you’ve got a business leader in front of you, they want data that relates clearly to their own priorities. Specific numbers, not generic. They want to quantify cause and effect in financial terms.

It’s not easy, and not HR’s comfort zone. So we’ve worked hard at building a toolkit to help you build an HR strategy that is seen to respond to business needs.

Our virtual workshop focuses in on ‘How to build a business-led HR strategy’ and has three threads:

  1. Understanding the business – customers, products/services, operational realities, the financial metrics
  2. Speaking in the language of stakeholders and not in HR jargon
  3. Building an HR strategy that’s seen to address the problems that worry business leaders.
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