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Kim Hicks

Actor Facilitator 

A 7th generation professional actor, Kim is best known for her One Woman shows and for extensive work in Audio Books.  Combining her voice work with her love of Judo (Black belt 2nd dan!) she has announced the sport at three Olympic Games. Invited to bring her performance skills into the business world over 20 years ago, Kim has been involved in role-play work and experiential learning ever since. Clients range from Bristol University, National Grid, Babcock Marine, and Cavendish Nuclear to The Environment Agency, HM Prison Service and The Cabinet Office. The opportunity for her training to help people develop more meaningful and successful working relationships has become a part of Kim’s work that she values very highly .

‘Forum Theatre’ is a lively way to open up opportunities for group discussion and allows HR professionals to observe the different outcomes that can result from subtle but important changes in behaviour. One to one practice conversations with an experienced Actor Facilitator can offer very powerful learning, as participants have the unique chance to try out new and different approaches to challenging conversations in an entirely safe environment. Kim brings warmth and a sense of fun into the learning space so that anxiety is minimised and delegates can be sure of thoughtful, personal feedback.

With the aim of providing the most realistic and practical learning experience, Kim will always work with delegates to explore the behavioural issues that are of particular relevance to them, so that they can take away new approaches and ideas that will be genuinely useful in the real world.