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Jannie Hestehave

Consultant and Coach

Jannie Hestehave is a global HR executive with more than 25 years of experience in HR. Her experience is extensive and covers building up the HR function following the Ulrich model, HR strategy, M&A’s, IPO readiness, part of the Remuneration Committee, executive coaching and mentoring, engagement strategies, psychological safety, team coaching, culture and business transformation, development of the top executive team, talent management strategies – all coupled with a strong focus on the business. She is always working from the outside-in perspective. Adding to that she has extensive project management experience from a global perspective, where the largest project was including more than 1200 HR colleagues transforming HR into the Ulrich model.

Jannie has been CHRO twice in her career, last as Executive Vice President and CHRO of Occlutech Group, a Swiss registered medico scale-up company, building up the HR function as well as helping the company to established themselves in the US and building the right sized organization in Europe. Before that she was the global HR Director at the Clinical Diagnostic Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific with more than 2,000 colleagues in the division. Other global and EMEA assignments in executive roles cover companies like Alcon, Clipper Group, Experian and Alcatel (now Nokia).

Her recent executive MBA from AVT Business School in Denmark enables Jannie to bring HR to the table in the global leadership teams. Due to her global roles, she has a deep understanding of the various cultures as she had the overall responsibility for HR globally in many of her assignments. She has always been a trusted partner to the leadership teams and other key stakeholders and a champion of HR. She is based in Denmark and has been a governing body member of the Nordic Evanta CHRO Summit Group for more than 2 years.