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Shifting the way you operate in HR

HR can be a frustrating role. You know there’s so much more value you could add, if only you were included at the right level and didn’t have so many problems to fix. The organisation is losing out too. Shifting the way you operate in HR is challenging. Why?

Our survey on HR’s reputation post-pandemic was truly revealing – download here.

HR people shared what hurts, and what works.

Sometimes there are old ideas about what HR are there for.

Getting across to senior leaders what HR does – and, more importantly, what HR can do – has to be done in their language, making clear links with numbers.

Then you can change people’s attitudes towards HR. Only then can you add more value.

Another factor was collaboration – those who have a strong reputation have built productive, trusting and robust relationships.

Why not start with getting your thoughts together using our evaluation tool? Our clients love how it reveals how to move forward, and engages, realigns and inspires the whole team.

Check out our Profiling System.

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