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The Seven Enablers were identified in Enable-HR’s research into what drives excellence in HR.

We researched what businesses want from HR and distilled this into the activities and behaviours that drive successful relationships and results. Enable-HR provides a framework to understand and evaluate how HR operates, and then to align, develop and inspire HR people.

The successful outcomes of Perspective

Winning a fair hearing is about engaging our stakeholders in gathering and using high quality information.  Today we can equip ourselves much better to present our arguments clearly using hard data.  Being persuasive, however, is also behavioural, and built upon having effective relationships in place.  Making sound decisions in partnership with the business only comes from robust discussion.

  • People listen to you.  You present credible information and compelling arguments
  • The organisation benefits from your insight into the people aspects of what drives success in your business
  • You bring your knowledge to the table. Your specialist expertise, and contextual savvy, are of strategic as well as operational importance, eg. demographics and factors affecting engagement in your particular sector and economy
  • You are fully engaged in effective business decisions
  • You promote your HR agenda successfully
  • You are seen as an effective influencer, partner and leader in the business

Want to find out more?

Click here for a longer read about Perspective where we cover:

  • Questions to ask yourself in order to build more Perspective
  • Building your Perspective strategically – planning it into your relationships and routines
  • Building your Perspective tactically – listening and learning, conversation by conversation, meeting by meeting
  • Winning a seat at the table
  • Building credibility as partners in the business as well as adding value as HR experts
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