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Influencing in HR

Effectively influencing in HR

There are so many elements within influencing in HR.  In our research, we found that almost everything that HR people do impacts on their ability to influence.  Your reputation, for example, goes before you when you go into a meeting when you hope to influence. There may be some data that will help you make your case, including anecdotal evidence that you’ve gathered from people within the business.  You may be too late at the table to influence before people’s thinking has gone too far.

Therefore, the activities and behaviours that support effective influencing in HR are threaded right through our Development Framework.  Here you will see some of the statements in our Profiling Tool, which are within different Enablers.

Profiling tool image


For example, the ‘What’ statements here are within Perspective.  The ‘How’ statements are within Connection, and the ‘Impact’ statements are in Connection and Reputation.  All of these activities happen outside the meeting itself but are critical to its success.

The other Enablers also have important roles to play, as you will find when you explore them. To take a deeper dive into the Seven Enablers, take a look at the tools below. If you have any questions on how yo implement the Seven Enablers for influencing in HR, get in touch with our team.

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