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HR Maturity

‘HR is only as valuable as the CEO’s maturity level – and vice versa’

Research carried out by the Maturity Institute proved that the relationship between the CEO and the CHRO are key.  This is a challenging concept.  It demonstrates that the quality of the understanding between HR and the business has to start at the top.

This is about the integrity and depth of the conversations that take place between HR and business leaders.

It’s the word ‘maturity’ that’s challenging, but effective.  In this context, ‘mature’ means deep rather than superficial; open rather than grudging; and measured rather than impatient.  It means, on both sides, investing in learning about the fundamental drivers of success in a business.  It’s about sustainable performance, and admitting to some of the short-term pressures that undermine success, such as the quarter-end sales rush.  We certainly recognise these scenarios – which applies to your organisation?

  • ‘In the top left quadrant the CEO is frustrated by immature HR failing to replace best with high value, evidence-based, professionalism.
  • In the bottom right quadrant it is the CEO who is immature – blocking mature HR thinking and practice – resulting in the same, low value.
  • In the bottom left, immature CEOs attract CHROs who are complicit in not pursuing high value, human capital policies and practices.
  • The only high value box is top right – total understanding between a mature CEO and mature CHRO producing effective human governance and high value utilisation of all human capital.’

We can help you to facilitate this conversation – contact us to discuss how you’d like to take your HR function forward.

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