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Conflict in organisations

It’s actually designed-in to organisations, to reflect the inherent conflicts in the outside world and in the marketplace.

Understanding conflict is the first step in managing it effectively, constructively, and with less stress.

Sources of conflict in today's organisations

When you find yourself in conflict, looking at the source is a good place to start

Take a step back and consider, objectively, what the real causes of the conflict are.  Take the people out of the analysis, and strip the situation back to its component parts.  Each function has its own responsibilities, and these are naturally in conflict, e.g. finance have to keep costs down, while the best talent costs money; sales want to win contracts, while the product people want them to only sell products that they can deliver; IT want a centralised buying policy while local users feel they have specific requirements.

If we resolve all this conflict successfully, and have robust discussions in a supportive and productive environment, the most effective solutions can be found.

We will look in another section at how to manage conflict successfully.

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