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HR Balance

The Seven Enablers were identified in Enable-HR’s research into what drives excellence in HR.

We researched what businesses want from HR and distilled this into the activities and behaviours that drive successful relationships and results. Enable-HR provides a framework to understand and evaluate how HR operates, and then to align, develop and inspire HR people.

The successful outcomes of HR Balance

No other function has to balance so many interests, day in and day out.  There are inherent tensions in many Human Resources activities that can make our role a minefield.  For example, helping line managers respond to short-term business goals with a quick fix, and yet HR will be held responsible for upholding values and morals.

  • Long-term as well as short-term interests of people, culture and business are protected
  • Organisational values are lived by HR in their actions and advice
  • HR is trusted; personal values are maintained as well as the integrity of HR
  • Conflicts in stakeholder needs are anticipated and managed
  • Effective decisions are made that respect all appropriate stakeholder needs
  • A robust and ethical framework of HR policies and practices serves the business and employees well

Every decision has to be considered carefully, and inclusively.  At times we are the arbitrator or the policeman, and at others the facilitator or the coach.  Sometimes we move between these varied roles during just one meeting.  These positions demand a range of behavioural responses as well as intellectual.  We have to resist pressure from the most senior or loudest voice in moments that can feel career-threatening.  Yet it is in these moments that we grow in stature and prove our mettle as the organisation’s conscience.

We can help you to:

  • Navigate the landscape around you – political and ethical, and your own values as well as your organisation’s values
  • Anticipate and manage conflict between stakeholders’ needs and expectations
  • Develop behavioural skills and approaches to help you in meetings and conversations where conflict exists
  • Build an inclusive approach into how you operate, and engage proactively with stakeholders
  • Build credibility and gravitas, by managing the complex demands of HR in a way that’s consistent and human

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  • Questions you can ask yourself to build more Balance
  • Building Balance strategically
  • Building Balance tactically
  • Aligning values and behaviour in HR
  • Balancing correctness with collaboration
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