Transform HR

Great HR delivers.

People are your largest cost.

You know that their performance is critical.

Bersin’s research now proves the impact of great HR on results:


How well aligned is your HR function with your business goals?

Do you know?

This is where we start.  We talk with you, with senior leaders, and with HR.  We map out where you want to be, and how services are currently delivered.  We look at how the relationship works between HR and the business.  We use our HR Success Model to help you to understand how HR can deliver better outcomes.

How do people rate HR in your business?

We will research this for you.  Reputation is key in HR, and we identify how they can increase their credibility as well as their performance.  Our evaluation structure provides a practical framework to analyse objectively what HR can do more of, and less of.  We help you to understand how they can become more proactive, more aligned, more effective.

How do we help HR to make the required shift?

We engage with your HR people, share your vision with them, and inspire and enable them to achieve it.

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Our approach

  • How strategic is your HR function?
    We help you to evaluate HR from the top. We start with your business goals and challenges. We help you to clarify the role that HR need to play to achieve those, now and in the future. Our evaluation structure helps you to understand where your HR function currently focuses attention. This supports an analysis of the kind of shift you need HR to make.
  • How well do the CEO and HR understand each other?
    Alignment starts at the top.  You need to agree on what drives business success, and what drives human performance outcomes. This can be a challenging conversation and we help you to build shared understanding, collaboration and visibly aligned leadership.
  • How effective are your HR leaders?
    We have worked with leaders from many countries, sectors and functions for over 20 years, and we bring this depth of experience to the particular challenges faced by leaders in HR.  Workshops and coaching are tailored to your needs.
  • How do HR rate themselves?
    HR need to be involved early, in evaluating themselves. Because we concentrate on areas that HR can control, we can quickly help them to make changes.
  • How do others rate HR?
    We will consult HR’s stakeholders using a 360-degree version of the questionnaire.  Providing a direct comparison between how HR rate themselves, and how others rate them, provides an excellent basis for moving forward.
  • How do we get HR on board?
    We get the HR team together to realign and inspire them, and build their skills and confidence to deliver the results you want.  These workshops will be tailored to your needs.
  • How do we develop HR people?
    A mix of workshops and coaching is effective.  We also work one-to-one with HR leaders, managers and professionals to help them to make the required changes.

Why work with us?  We’re pragmatic as well as strategic.   We took a fresh approach to understanding how HR impact results.  We researched the views of CEOs, HR experts and HR leaders to understand the practical things that make a difference – ie. the behaviours and activities that HR can invest in to get best results.  It builds into a formula for success.

We enable your HR function to transform themselves.  It’s actually the most sensible and cost-effective option.  There may be some tough decisions to make, and we can help you through that too.

Call Deborah Wilkes on 020 8720 7097 for an initial discussion.