HR Team Workshops

Re-align, re-energise and develop your Human Resources Team

In a truly engaging HR Team Workshop we help you discuss together what’s really important to your HR team and create a new vision or clarify your direction.  Expert facilitators create a stimulating and supportive climate where everyone can contribute their views and feelings, concerns and ideas.  We explore the particular context and needs of your organisation so that we can move towards a robust discussion of what’s important.  Our focus is always on how HR can add even more value.

We offer successful one-day or two-day Workshops or can tailor to your unique needs, and get to know you first.  Contact us to discuss what you’d like to achieve and we’ll help you to explore options and costs.

Individuals also receive their own enable-hr Personal Development Report, which enables unique development pathways and we can coach them individually.  We can help to re-align their beliefs, attitudes and abilities to your new HR team vision.

Focus your HR Workshop with 360-degree Feedback

Key stakeholders and client groups score you on the same diagnostic tool so that you can compare how you see yourselves and what they want from you. Get in Touch to discuss.  Involving them in your HR Team Workshop can be a powerful way to engage them in how you move forward.  We build their feedback into the Workshop, and can also facilitate their participation in the most constructive and inspiring way.

If you are a CEO who wants your Human Resources function to add more value, we can help you.

Our approach is driven by helping HR to add maximum value to the business, while supporting and developing their capabilities and confidence.  Our research shows, for example, that CEO’s want their HR people to be more ‘context savvy’ and ‘business savvy’, and to role model the organisation’s values while being firm, credible and also innovative.  These are the kinds of areas we help them to develop.  It is possible to transform HR by enabling them to interact with the business in new ways.  Only then can they deliver better ROI.

We researched the activities and behaviours that CEOs and client groups want from HR and identified 7 Enablers.  Explore them by clicking the icons below.