Why Coaching Works

It’s just-in-time development: you decide what you want to work on and when. We can tackle ‘live’ issues and opportunities and enable you to put your learning into practice immediately with confidence. Alternatively, we can take a longer-term perspective and help you to direct your efforts towards your career goals.


The diagnostic tool provides an analysis of how you currently operate. We help you to make an honest comparison between that and how you want to operate as an HR professional and leader. We will then enable and support you with insight, ideas and tools that will help you to make the shift you want. Some typical themes we’ve encountered:

  • Re-thinking how HR adds value to the organisation – and how to get the credit for that
  • Winning support – identifying the people in the organisation who are critical to success – and building trusting and productive relationships with them
  • Spending less time frantically keeping on top of workload, and more time adding real value.