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How strategic is your HR function?

We help you to evaluate HR from the top.  We start with your business goals and challenges. We help you to clarify the role that HR need to play to achieve that, now and in the future.  Our diagnostic helps you to understand where your HR function currently focuses attention. This supports an analysis of the kind of shift you need HR to make.

HR can take the lead in building collaborative relationships

Imagine the potential power in enabling true collaboration between HR leaders and your key business leaders and managers.  They will have high quality conversations, built on trusting and open relationships, enable creative and courageous opening up of possibilities.  You need every function to leverage their expertise and experience.  This requires political intelligence as well as intellectual reasoning.

“The link between business and HR is defining the future of HCM, as 71 percent of organizations believe that the most critical skill of HR leaders is the ability to connect initiatives to the strategy of the business.”  Aberdeen Group

The Value Pyramid of Human Capital Management

Here’s a structural way of looking at it.  This pyramid, by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, shows 4 levels.  HR functions tend to build from the base – which is logical – HR can’t establish any credibility unless the transactional processes are accurate and reliable.  Experience shows that the journey to the top of the pyramid takes time and work.  One challenge is to not be dragged down continually to the level below.  A key challenge for HR is to push back from being seen as ‘just’ problem-solvers and technical experts.  This draws them into a reactive cycle, and we know that HR people want to be more proactive, and to add value at the strategic level.

Our research showed that the level at which HR people operate is down to the kind of interactions that they are having with the business.

We’ve worked out how to enable HR to be more strategic

The solution is a combination of activities and behaviours; things that HR people say and do that build respect and credibility.  Conversation by conversation, great HR people demonstrate their insight into what drives business success; continually listening, learning, exploring and offering.  Our 7 Enablers provide a structure to evaluate how this currently works, and how to develop it.

Ideally, this starts at the top.  Take a look at HR Maturity to understand how CEO and CHRO need to work together.  Wherever your HR team sit in the organisation, however, we can help you to develop more powerful and rewarding relationships with your client groups and stakeholders.

Whether you’re a CEO or the leader of your HR function, call us for an informal chat about how you’d like to take HR forward.