In order to influence at the top level, HR needs to be visible, credible and included.  It’s complex – HR leaders have to uphold the organisation’s values as well as embrace business realities and pressures.  For HR to be transformational, they must build productive partnerships at every level, while ensuring effective transactional services.

Our expert coaches and facilitators enable leaders and their teams to raise their game – with stronger alignment, competence and confidence they can tackle any challenge or stakeholder relationship.

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Organisations we’ve worked with

Study of students' attitudes to their future career choices, using audio
Engagement research
Rationalization programme; surveys; redundancies; values; comms
Board team-building & coaching; engagement surveys; process imp
HR and OD; executive coaching; engagement surveys; process improvement
Continuous Listening feedback and analysis at key career points
Research to compare how US and UK professionals view their careers
Exit surveying
International best practice measurement framework and ongoing surveying
Exit surveying
Exit surveying by phone
Engagement research
Workshops for HR team; Regional HR Forum.
Cross-cultural communications programmes
Team-building; leadership & management development
Exec team-building
FE colleges’ merger; leadership development; TUPE consultation
Senior team-building and staff conferences to re-align values
Communication skills; cross-cultural and in a matrix structure
Organisational research and engagement video-game company
Management team development
Leadership development for engineers who have become functional heads
Values; management development workshops; executive coaching
Leadership development programme and executive coaching
Team-building workshops with team diagnostic & feedback
Exec team building; leadership & management development
Conference with behavioural skills workshops
Alignment and team-building event for EMEA HR team
Coaching skills programmes
Team-building for HR team
Executive coaching and feedback following 360; evaluation of MDP
Outsourced HR function; leadership development; OD
Competency research & development and workshops
Leader and manager development for veterinary professionals
Global leader 360-degree design, supervision and feedback
HR and OD consultancy; executive coaching, team events; M&A
Executive coaching; HR team workshops
Global leadership programme

Videos for HR leaders

Leading in HR requires a strong sense of self

Given that HR have special responsibility for upholding the organisation’s values, and building an effective culture, it’s even more important to feel comfortable with who you are as a leader.  In addition, HR often take on the role of coach and advisor, and building trust at every level is core to success.  We also help you to enlarge your circles of influence and control, so that you can extend your reach.  Our Executive Coaching recognises the complexity of these challenges, and helps leaders to find their own way.

HR Leadership matters at board level and at every level

In order to influence at the top level, HR need to be visible, credible and included.  ‘Winning a seat at the table’ is just one of the common themes that we help clients tackle, to ensure that HR leaders are valued and respected. HR can be a political minefield, and can get caught between the functional tensions that are essential to success today – for example, driving for profit and quality at the same time.  Yet, HR are expected to always protect the organisation’s values, and to stand up for what is right and fair.