We get your HR function aligned with your business goals

How strategic is your businesses HR function? What kind of reputation does it have? What does the organisation need HR to deliver? We work with the CEO and CHRO to build shared understanding, collaboration and visibly aligned leadership. We align the wider HR team, to inspire them and direct their efforts towards what truly adds value.

Driving front-line performance is the priority, and that’s why the quality of the interaction between HR and the rest of the business is vital. This is the nub of what we do; creating the conditions for productive partnerships at every level.

How strategic is your HR function?

We help you to evaluate HR from the top. We start with your business goals and challenges. We help you to clarify the role that HR need to play to achieve those, now and in the future. Our evaluation structure helps you to understand where your HR function currently focuses attention. This supports an analysis of the kind of shift you need HR to make.

How well do the CEO and HR understand each other?

Alignment starts at the top.  You need to agree on what drives business success, and what drives human performance outcomes. This can be a challenging conversation and we help you to build shared understanding, collaboration and visibly aligned leadership.

Find out how Enable-HR can work for you

We first need to get to know each other a little and to understand how our approach will meet your needs. So, for a free 30 minute consultation, please contact Deborah by phone, email or via LinkedIn.

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