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360-degree feedback for HR

Our research showed that it’s the quality of the interaction with the business that drives the results HR can achieve.  It’s vital for HR to understand how they’re perceived by others in the organisation.

  • How does the relationship work between HR and line managers?
  • What are the routines, activities and behaviours that are valued by stakeholders?  How are HR doing in those areas?
  • What would HR’s partners in the business like to see you do more of, or less of?
  • How can you get more impact from your limited resources?

Our 360-degree review reveals how you can work better together.

A way of engaging stakeholders, line managers and client groups in learning how to improve in HR

There are two ways of doing this, depending on how much attention you want to draw to your review.

  1. You could do a 360-degree review with just one, or a few carefully selected stakeholders, and keep it low key. This enables you to work on one relationship at a time – it sets the tone for an honest discussion about how the two parties can work better together.
  2. Alternatively, you can use it as a focus for re-aligning the culture and activities of a Human Resources team.  The results can be fed back and discussed at a Team Workshop, constructively.  You develop a new vision together, and practical changes are taken forward by the team, together.  In this option, you have the opportunity to make your review more visible, engage your stakeholders actively, and raise their expectations in a positive way.

However you choose to use 360-degree feedback, it’s critical to do so with extreme care.  You open up a new kind of dialogue and this needs to be fully thought through.  We follow best practice guidelines, and help you to sensitively manage how it’s communicated, to ensure that all outcomes will be constructive.  We can tailor the questionnaire so that it addresses your particular organisation or team’s challenges.  We can also add open questions to make the most of the opportunity to learn from respondents.

Experts in organisational research

You may wish to link your findings about your HR function to other organisational measures.  We also have expertise in engagement surveys, exit surveys and finding out how employees feel at different stages in their career.  We can help you to understand how the critical incidents which involve HR can impact on the engagement of your employees.