Whatever you want to achieve in Human Resources, we bring our experience as senior HR practitioners, coaches and consultants.  We care about HR people, we believe in the value HR can add, and want to make you proud of HR’s contribution.  You may want to start at the top with a strategic review, or with an personal development plan for yourself or a colleague.  We will help you to work out how to make progress in your organisational context.  Please call us for a chat about what you’d like to achieve.

HR Transformation projects start with an exploratory discussion where we help you to understand the shift you can help HR to make, and where our approach fits in.  Many (much more expensive) programmes leave out the behavioural aspects – developing the capabilities of your HR people to collaborate with partners in the business.  Therefore, they fail to deliver sustained results.  Research suggests that you get better results by enabling your HR function to lead the transformation themselves.

HR Leadership Development can take the form of executive coaching or group workshops.

360-degree HR Feedback plays a vital role in engaging key stakeholders as well as learning from them.  Before we put this online for you, we need to work with you to tailor or brand it, and think through together how to manage it sensitively.  We can help you to follow best practice in learning from 360-degree Feedback, and also how to use it to deepen engagement with your stakeholders.

HR Team Workshops can be tailored, or use our tried and tested format.  We will work out together how to get the best possible outcomes within your budget.  Contact us if you’d like to see an example of a Team Workshop.

Personal development can start now with our online diagnostic and virtual coaching.  Completing the enable-hr Self-evaluation Tool will get you started on a new development path.  By selecting an option, below, you will take the first step in gaining deeper insight into how you operate and how you can achieve even more. You will receive a Personal Development Report which will bring clearer focus to your HR career and open up new ideas and choices.

Personalised Development Report by completion of the on-line self-evaluation questionnaire. £50.00 [button color=”orange” size=”medium” align=”right” link=”register/?action=registeruser&subscription=4″]Select[/button]
Personalised development report plus coaching, to explore (via phone or Skype) the self-insight you’ve gained from the report and identify what you’d like to work on and to celebrate. £150.00 [button color=”orange” size=”medium” align=”right” link=”register/?action=registeruser&subscription=5″]Select[/button]

If you’d rather start with a chat about what you’d like to achieve, complete the Contact us form or call Deborah Wilkes on 07766 564537.

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