What is it?

enable-hr is a practical Human Resources Development Framework that helps to clarify the complex demands placed on HR.  It then opens up opportunities, choices and ideas for how to create a shift in how you operate.  We pulled together all the research about what CEO’s and organisations want from their Human Resources team.  We built this into a unique Self-evaluation Tool that provides a valuable structure for developing HR people, teams and functions.  For more about how we developed it, read here.

More than a Human Resources Competency Framework

We look at activities as well as behaviours, and help you to challenge how you see your priorities.  The enable-hr Self-evaluation Tool takes you through a series of questions that help you to evaluate how you are doing in key areas, using a frequency scale to help you analyse where you spend your time. This reveals insight into how and where you can shift your emphasis, as well as how you can build more confidence in those areas.  We help you to invest your time where it will have maximum impact and give you greatest satisfaction.

The 7 HR Enablers

Our research, coupled with our own observations and experience in HR, consistently highlighted 7 areas.

These 7 Enablers work together to give you a holistic approach to ensuring that you add maximum value to your organisation. We’ll explain more about these facets as you go through the questionnaire.

Just set aside some time (around 30 minutes) to work through the questions, and you’ll get a personalised report to help you focus on your own development needs.

Take a look at Costs when you’re ready to take your development further.  Whether you’re a Human Resources Director or HR practitioner, we can help you to develop your performance, your role, your team and your career.

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