What do you get?


Front page of sample report

Your enable-hr Report helps you to step back and see your role objectively.

HR is complex and often pressured.  This is why we wanted to create a pathway to help you to open up new choices and development options.

When you have answered the online survey style questions, you’ll receive a personalised report for you to study and reflect upon. The enable-hr report is a structure for you to see the choices that are available to you.

Your scores are represented over seven categories of activities which our research has told us are valued in HR now and for the future. We’ve designed the report in such a way that it helps you focus on your own development needs. It will reflect how you operate and in particular, how you invest your time. Once you know this, you can focus on the improvements which best suit you, your role and your career.

 More about how your personal report can reveal development ideas:

  • The 7 HR Enablers offer you a structured framework to challenge how you focus your time and energy.  They focus on real activities and behaviours – actions that are under your control and that you yourself can change.
  • You can take a strategic view of how you operate, and see how to create a shift.  You can build a vision for your role, or for your career.
  • You can have a more immediate focus of making changes in how you prioritise, and in everyday interactions with your stakeholders.
  • You can call on our coaches to support you in taking your development to the next stage.

Our specialist HR coaches work one-to-one with you, usually using phone or Skype, at times to fit into your busy day.  It’s incredibly time-effective; it’s your agenda and you can work on real-time challenges.  For example, we can help you to scope out a vision for your role or a key project, work on critical stakeholder relationships, or prepare for upcoming meetings or conversations. Our flexible HR coaching options provide the techniques of executive coaching combined with practical tools and concepts specifically tailored to Human Resources.  Read more about why coaching works.

It can be very powerful to engage your key stakeholders in reviewing what you do.  We offer a 360-degree Evaluation Tool that can be tailored to your particular situation.  This feedback can then be compared with your own perceptions in a way that will truly drive added value to the business.  In reviewing this with your stakeholders you open up new and revealing conversations that break down barriers and enable collaboration.

Our HR Team Workshops provide a stimulating and focused intervention to engage you all in discussing together the kind of function you want to be and how you want to operate, and how to get there.  Combine this with 360-degree input from your stakeholders and you can re-boot and re-align your function in an even more productive way.

Our approach is designed to fit into your day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.

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