Rigour – one of 7 Enablers in our Human Resources Development Framework


Rigour - one of 7 enable-hr Facets Rigour – what it is

HR can’t pass ‘go’ without the credibility that comes from reliable, accurate and up-to-date operational and advisory services – delivering what you promise day in, day out, getting it right and getting it better

The successful outcomes of Rigour in HR

·      Efficient and effective use of HR budget, delivering what matters to the organisation

·      You can prove the value of HR using credible measures and convincing evidence for ROI

·      You are known for delivering smooth-running, accurate and timely HR services and projects

·      Your advice and expertise is respected as reliable, leading to high quality solutions and minimum resources taken by disputes

·      You make continuous improvements to the way you operate

·      HR actively contributes to organisational governance

Rigour is about keeping a tight ship, whether it’s a dinghy or a cruise liner.  Whatever our resources, it’s vital to our organisations that we don’t over-promise or under-deliver.  We have to decide what we can and will do, and what we can’t and won’t – then make it happen.  In HR we often have to deliver operational excellence in routine services, alongside large and complex projects.  We have to set our budget, live within our means, and manage expectations.  Our activities are so tied up with law, governance and policy that we always have standards and guidelines to maintain – and to ensure that others maintain.  Despite this, we also have to be seen to focus in the areas that deliver business success and drive performance and growth.  Rigour can feel like having the foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time, while driving efficiently for maximum fuel economy.  Measures are key to Rigour, so that we can prove our effectiveness and invest resources where they deliver best results.

Making Rigour work for you in your Human Resources role

Click here for a longer read about Rigour in HR, including:

  • To build more Rigour, some questions for you to ask yourself
  • Building Rigour strategically – building a framework for excellence
  • Building Rigour tactically – collaborating and negotiating
  • How HR is delivered – allocating resources through partnership with the business
  • Collecting and using HR Data and Analytics
  • How the 7 HR Enablers provide a holistic framework for success in Human Resources

We work at every level to enable Human Resources to add more value.

We work with CEO’s and HRDs to transform the HR function

We develop HR leaders and managers

We run HR Team Workshops

We coach at every level.  We have executive coaches who are experienced at
working with HR leaders, and we also value working with HR professionals
who are developing their careers.  Our approach is designed to fit into your
day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand
the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.

Our  HR Self-evaluation Tool and 360-degree review provide a structure for
all these activities.   The 7 HR Enablers were identified in our research into
what drives excellence in HR.

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