Reputation – 1 of 7 Enablers in our Human Resources Development Framework


Reputation is critical in Human ResourcesReputation – what it is

Winning respect as a major contributor to business success is built on the quality of our relationships; raising our profile as an HR function as well as having positive impact with authentic personal leadership

The successful outcomes of Reputation

·      HR has a seat at the table – at key meetings at all levels, you ensure that HR influences business strategy as well as operations

·      Employee engagement improves because of your influence

·      You are seen as a helpful partner in the business – known for your commercial insight as well as your understanding of what gets results

·      People listen to you and trust your judgement because they respect you and your contribution

·      Your company is seen as a good employer because of your influence on how people are managed

·      People say great things about HR in your organisation

Reputation comes at the end and also at the beginning, like the chicken and the egg, or the actors’ equity card.  You can’t get anywhere until you earn it, and yet you need it to get your job done.  This means that we need to ask ourselves continually how our actions will affect how we’re regarded.  For example, when advising line managers or participating in a meeting; ‘how will this be seen?’; ‘what are the implications of this for the reputation of our function?’; ‘how can I explain this in a way that shows that we understand the commercial pressures?’; ‘is there an opportunity here for me to make links with good HR practice in a helpful way?’.

HR have been called ‘shrinking violets’, and this isn’t good for our function.  On the other hand, in order to maintain our integrity, we have to be careful with self-promotion.  This means that we need a particularly sensitive, and sensible, kind of political awareness and political intelligence.

Making Reputation work for you in your Human Resources role

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  • To build your Reputation, some questions for you to ask yourself
  • Building Reputation strategically – thinking ahead about how to continually build your credibility
  • Building Reputation tactically – moving to the front of your mind, day-to-day, how you come across
  • Political Intelligence in Human Resources
  • HR Advocacy and the Feedback Loop
  • How the 7 HR Enablers provide a holistic framework for success in Human Resources

We work at every level to enable Human Resources to add more value.

We work with CEO’s and HRDs to transform the HR function

We develop HR leaders and managers

We run HR Team Workshops

We coach at every level.  We have executive coaches who are experienced at
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the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.

Our  HR Self-evaluation Tool and 360-degree review provide a structure for
all these activities.   The 7 HR Enablers were identified in our research into
what drives excellence in HR.

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