Push – 1 of 7 Enablers in our Human Resources Development Framework


HR Development FrameworkPush – what it is

In HR we face complex challenges – it’s about more than the numbers, it’s about hearts and minds, and behaviours.  We need to push forwards, and at times also push back – to stand up and speak out.

The successful outcomes of Push

  • Results delivered through persistence and perseverance – pushing forward
  • Continuous improvement to processes and services
  • Innovative solutions that add maximum value and move HR forward
  • A positive, confident mindset that supports courage and optimism even when challenged
  • Credibility for standing firm, pushing back and saying no when appropriate
  • Seen as leaders of change by the organisation

Push is about energy and commitment to your goals and what’s right.  ‘Credible activists’ (RBL) and ‘HR with attitude’ (Ulrich) are good descriptions of this quality that we felt deserved a Facet of its own.  It distinguishes the HR professionals who stand out from the crowd and stand up to resistance.  It is underpinned by emotional intelligence and resilience, and requires courage.  It takes work to build the foundations for Push, so that you know when, and how, to speak up and speak out.  It also takes dogged determination because it’s about continually striving to make iterative improvements as well as playing a leadership role in organizational change.

Making Push work for you in your Human Resources role

Click here for a longer read about Push, including:

  • To build more Push, some questions for you to ask yourself
  • Building Push strategically – creating a compelling vision for HR and deciding what you stand for, and what you will stand up for
  • Building Push tactically – recognizing and creating opportunities to establish, explain and defend your position while respecting others
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Human Resources
  • From Transactional to Transformational HR
  • How the 7 HR Enablers provide a holistic framework for success in Human Resources

We work at every level to enable Human Resources to add more value.

We work with CEO’s and HRDs to transform the HR function

We develop HR leaders and managers

We run HR Team Workshops

We coach at every level.  We have executive coaches who are experienced at
working with HR leaders, and we also value working with HR professionals
who are developing their careers.  Our approach is designed to fit into your
day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand
the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.

Our  HR Self-evaluation Tool and 360-degree review provide a structure for
all these activities.   The 7 HR Enablers were identified in our research into
what drives excellence in HR.

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