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Practical tools for building HR’s Reputation

A lot of people talk about what HR should do. If we’re not careful, it just ends up being a lot of noise. Especially if we suspect they’ve never actually been in HR.

I’ve worked in, and with HR, for many years and so I understand what it’s like. I’ve learned as much, if not more, from the tough times as from the successes. (I share stories of both in my book*.)

I and my team have developed leaders and managers from many different organisations, sectors, cultures and functions and so we have a broader perspective too.

Now, all our focus is on enabling HR people. Why? Because HR matters.

Listening to HR people teaches us the most.

Everything we learn is built into our development programmes and coaching.

Practical tools and ideas that HR people can put into practice and achieve:

– Stronger, trusting relationships
– Rewarding results, more recognition
– Less hassle and conflict
– Influence, credibility and a seat at the table.

We all need a clear path and clear, actionable steps.

Let me know – am I right?

Contact us for a chat about what you’d like to achieve.

Our Reputation Survey report provides actionable ideas, not just data.

*’Empowering HR’ is on Amazon.

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