Perspective in Human Resources

HR development frameworkTo build your Perspective – some questions for you to ask yourself

  • Who are the key stakeholders in the people decisions your organisation needs to make?
  • How can you best engage them so that they support you later?
  • How could you build the hard and soft data that will help you?

Building your Perspective strategically

This involves taking a real step back so that you can get the full picture.  Take a deep breath from daily pressures and book time in your diary to scope out three key areas:

  • Context – how to make sure you truly understand how your business works and what drives success;
  • People – who your key stakeholders, influencers and decision-makers are;
  • Process – how to get plugged into your organisation’s decision-making cycle and key strategic discussions.

Every organisation is unique, so we help you to work out what information you need.  A question that is potentially even more important, is – whose perspective do you need to view this from?

Building your Perspective tactically

We continue to build our picture of our organisation and how it works day by day.  We build the relationships gradually that open the doors to the information that we need.  We can then deploy our wisdom and skills during meetings, and during conversations that demonstrate our grasp of the situation.  Broadening and deepening your Perspective means continually soaking up information, patterns and clues. Sometimes we need to act in the moment with credibility and business savvy.  Sometimes we store up insight quietly and save it for the right occasion.  We help you with both the intellectual, and the behavioural, aspects of this.

Winning a seat at the table

From our experience, it’s the questions you ask that get you invited to key meetings.  This is also backed up by opinion leaders and CEO’s.  They value HR even more when we help them to think things through.  We have a unique opportunity to work with our partners in the business to help them develop the kind of insight that opens up ideas and opportunities.

Building credibility as partners in the business as well as adding value as HR experts

This is a shift in mindset, building on our valuable contribution as specialist advisors.  It demands taking our expertise a stage further, because we’re using our own insight to ask questions that are designed, consciously, to open up the right kind of conversation.

HR professionals … must have and apply knowledge of business context and strategy.’    RBL

If we can facilitate a conversation where our perspective can be debated, robustly, with the perspectives of others, this is healthy and powerful.  Let’s face it, the responsibility and the budget for the decision is most often held by the Board, by functional Directors or by line managers. This adds complexity to our influencing challenge, but with effective skills and behaviours, and preparation, our Perspective can enable the business to make the right decisions.

How the 7 enable-hr Facets provide a holistic framework for success in Human Resources

Whatever level you’re working at in Human Resources, we’d love to help you in your role and your career.

Whether you are a Human Resources Director, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, HR specialist, HR professional or CIPD student,  Get in touch with us for a chat about what you’d like to achieve.

  • Our HR Team Workshops provide a stimulating and focused intervention to engage you all in discussing together the kind of function you want to be and how you want to operate, and how to get there.
  • Our specialist HR coaches work one-to-one with you, usually using phone or Skype, at times to fit into your busy day.
  • If you want to engage your key stakeholders in reviewing what you do, we offer a 360-degree Evaluation Tool that can be tailored to your particular situation.  This feedback can then be compared with your own perceptions in a way that will truly drive added value to the business.
  • Alternatively, go straight to our online Self-evaluation Tool.  A 10-page Development Report will arrive in your Inbox immediately to inspire you with fresh ideas for your development.  You can take it from there.

Our approach is designed to fit into your day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective.  Check out our services and costs.

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