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Our solutions focus on enabling HR to be business-led

Working closely with so many HR leaders has taught us what they really need. That’s what’s guided us in building our capabilities.

In practice, often our work doesn’t fall into neat boxes, but we’ve clarified our five core offerings and want to update you.

HR’s work doesn’t fall into neat boxes either. Yes, you’ve got the areas of expertise such as L&D, Reward, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience … but none of that adds value unless HR has a strong relationship with the business.

That’s where we come in. Our focus is on that crucial interface between HR’s expertise and insight and its stakeholders. In particular, we help HR leaders, business partners and experts to build powerful relationships that enable that vital expertise to drive performance and profitability.

To quote my own book, ‘HR cannot succeed alone. It can deliver only when its work is embraced, embedded and lived by leaders and managers across the organisation’.

That is the central challenge of HR.

That’s why our solutions focus on enabling HR to be business-led (or stakeholder-led, to channel Dave Ulrich):

  • Build a deep understanding of what drives business and stakeholder success, and align HR’s work with that – the best way to win HR’s influence and credibility in return;
  • Create a powerful database of insights from your people – and their cause and effect – to build a strong business case for the right people agenda;
  • Develop influential, business-savvy and credible HR leadership and ensure that HR can listen, and be heard, when important decisions are being made;
  • Build strong capabilities in HR business partnering – both strategic and operational – to ensure that HR truly adds value and gets the credit for that;
  • Build One HR Team that pulls together, collaborates and presents a united front to the organisation, building the function’s reputation as well as impact.
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