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Making Virtual Learning effective

How do we provide impactful learning experiences in the new world, and what will happen if we don’t?

NovoEd (link below) reports that learning isn’t just falling down the priority list, it’s also becoming more limited: ‘Learning gets reduced to information-sharing, leaving out the social and emotional aspects of authentic learning experiences. This can be dangerous at a time when we are all experiencing some level of socio-emotional distress and trying to figure out how to move ahead with our lives.’

Virtual solutions are critical right now, and actually very cost-effective, scalable and global. But how do we make sure our learners are fully engaged, supported, and also feel the social buzz? We’ve re-designed our virtual HR development programmes to ensure that we preserve the social aspects. Learning collaboratively is fun, rewarding and absolutely essential right now. Smaller groups tackle work-based projects, development assignments and skills practise together, all virtually and supported by specialist HR coaches.

Contact us to learn more about our programmes for HR leaders, HRBPs and HR Teams. HR are doing such great work to keep the show on the road, and they deserve inspiring development opportunities. That’s what we do at enable-hr.


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