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‘I’m a business leader who happens to be in HR’

The incredible response to my recent post on HR maturity reveals deep concerns about the quality of the relationship between HR and business leaders, from the top down, in countless organisations.

All agree that this relationship is critical. As research by The Maturity Institute showed, without it an organisation cannot achieve ‘high value human capital management’.

From the HR perspective, this is stating the blooming obvious.

So, why don’t all CEOs embrace HR?

Why can this relationship become so frustrating as well as unproductive?

Let’s explore some questions to open up our thinking:

1. What if an HRD demonstrates such deep understanding about how the business works that they were considered the next CEO?

2. What if the HRD were helping the CEO to be the best leader they could possibly be?

3. What if the HRD were in the room, helping the CEO to think, whenever they were beginning to explore strategic ideas?

There’s a mix here: mindset + intellect + skills + behaviours.

Let’s crack this. Together.


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Date: Thursday 13th June 2024

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